Project Progress

This semester I thought that I could record a collection of original music that I or my friends have written. I wanted to record it with a bunch of new friends that I have made in my first year at ETSU. Before attending ETSU I had a few friends that were around my age that I could play music with, but not many. Since starting college I have been able to meet a lot of new friends that are all incredibly talented and who share the same musical goals as me. Before schools was called out for the rest of the semester I was hard at work writing and arranging music to record and talking to the other musicians in hopes that we could get into the studio. With school closed down, we no longer have access to the studio. Fortunately though, I have found a lot more time to write music of my own and to learn new music as well. With this being said I think I will use this time to write as much as I can and see where it takes me. With the new music I write, I plan to record as soon as I can get into the studio at school. Since I am here at home I am planning to purchase some new audio equipment to record some demos of my songs at home. My friends also have this equipment that allows them to record at home as well. With this technology, we can record parts and send the files to each other and we could each play our part on them. I think this will be enriching for all of us as we cannot play music in person together at this time. We should be able to record some new original music together and some of our old favorites as well. This will get us familiar with the music that we can hopefully record in the studio this coming fall semester. I cannot wait to see what can take shape with this music, even if we are all in are own homes all around the country!

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