Waiting For Godot

I love the arts and I am so pleased to be studying at an institution that values the arts so much. There are always a multitude of great performances and exhibits all throughout the semester for students to attend. As a major in Bluegrass, Old-Time and Country Music Studies, I get to see performances regularly and most of them performed by new friends I have made. However, on this occasion I got t see a performance that was outside of the bluegrass/country music canon. I went to see they schools performance of Waiting For Godot. In High School, I was a member of the Advanced Theatre Troupe and I got to learn a little about play production, lights and sounds as well as acting too. While coming from that background it didn’t necessarily prepare me for what a college theatre performance was like. I had not seen Waiting For Godot before but I was excited to see what was in store. Upon entering the Bud Frank Theater on campus I was intrigued my the seemingly minimalist set design. As the show began the actors were phenomenal. They played the part very professionally and it drew me in. I was excited to see a classmate of mine Ethan Harbin who I met in my Honors classes on the stage. While his character remained silent for the majority of the play he did deliver a very long and intricate monologue to the audience that was so impressive and well delivered. To me that stood out as a highlight of the performance and it was neat for me to see what other areas of the arts my peers have been taking part in. In all I thought the show was very well performed and I enjoyed seeing that performance.

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