The Fairfield Four

I am always surprised by how many things and interesting events are going on here at east Tennessee State University. I have been fortunate to have attended a variety of wonderful seminars over the course of this semester for my Bluegrass Seminar class, however the university also hosts some that our outside of my class requirements and I am really glad to have attended those as well. One in particular that I loved was the Fairfield Four seminar. The Fairfield Four is an amazing gospel quartet that have been together in different configurations since 1921. The group has won three Grammy awards and the configuration that I got to hear, has won one of those awards. The seminar was held here on campus at the Reece Museum and when it came time for the seminar I made my way in and sat down with some friends who were also excited for what we were about to hear. The Fairfield Four came in shortly after and they began to sing with such emotion, power and feeling that I didn’t want it to end. Hey sang a few numbers and then they talked for a bit about their history and their careers. I was so blown away at their talent and their performance will be one that I won’t soon forget!

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