Reece Museum

This semester at East Tennessee State University I have gotten to see a lot of new things. I have gotten to experience the arts in a way that I haven’t been able ti previously. There is always something going on or a performance to see, whereas at home the arts were maybe not so readily available. As I am a student of Bluegrass music I g=have gotten ti spend a fair amount of time in the Reece Museum as part of my Bluegrass Seminar class. As far as seminars go I thin the Reece is a great location to experience a seminar however they do regularly house some compelling exhibits. At the beginning if the semester they had an exhibit on soft drinks like “Mountain Dew” and Dr. Enuf” which were beverages that made a start here in the Tri-Cities area. I thought that was pretty interesting to see all the different bottle shapes and how those beverages have changed over time. More recently I got to go look at the “Fletcher Exhibit” which was full of socially and politically engaged work. While some of it was a bit jarring or challenging to look at, I can see that it was important work in response to the times and all of the pieces were very deliberate and they made their cause evident. I have gotten to enjoy spending time at the Reece Museum and I am looking forward to more in the future.

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