An Item From Home

Upon moving here to East Tennessee State University, I have certainly been enjoying my time here. However, as I’m sure others do I sometimes feel a little homesick. While studying or playing music as I often do, I think of home and my family or old friends and what they might be up to. Though I’ve never really been one to want to stay home all of the time, when travelling I sometimes feel a great deal of homesickness. I think this must be because of how close my family has always been. We have always seemed to stick together in everything that life has sent our way. I am forever thankful for my family and how I have been brought up.

Whenever I feel homesick here at school I know that I can always call home or even go home some weekends but I made sure to bring a couple of things to remind me of home and to help me feel a bit more at ease throughout the weeks. The Item I brought was a gift from my grandparents a few years ago. On one of my grandparents trips to the mountains they brought back for me, a small box in the shape of a banjo. It is made of three pieces of wood that all fit together like a puzzle. At home, I would keep my picks there and it would sit on the piano at my grandparents house. I always love to hear my grandmother play piano and thinking of that really helps me on days I miss home.

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