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  • An Item From Home

    September 24, 2019 by

    Upon moving here to East Tennessee State University, I have certainly been enjoying my time here. However, as I’m sure others do I sometimes feel a little homesick. While studying or playing music as I often do, I think of home and my family or old friends and what they might be up to. Though… Read more

  • Volunteering at Caris Healthcare

    December 10, 2019 by

    I often think about how much my community at home has done to shape who I am and how much they have contributed to my life. It seems like I stay pretty busy and I don’t get the opportunity to give back as much as I would like to. On this occasion I volunteered at… Read more

  • My Values

    December 10, 2019 by

    In my life I know what I stand for but I don’t always sit down to really identify things I value most. First of all I really value family. My family has always been close and we have always stuck together throughout anything life sends our way. I would never be myself without everything my… Read more

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